Meet Roosterhead's Technicolor Astro Van

Meet Roosterhead's Technicolor Astro Van

Some bands just ride vans; Huntington Beach psych rock duo Roosterhead recently painted their Astro van all sorts of fluorescent colors (to match their instruments). Then they gave it its own webpage,

It's in keeping with their odd aesthetic; as we said in a story last year, "their humorous, atonal punk fury collides with glow-in-the-dark paint and quirky, handmade instruments...the band are ... spreading their sonic cock-a-doodle clusterfuck to audiences countywide."

"The idea is that if people see the van somewhere, they can go to the webpage and let us know where they saw it, and then we can send them free song downloads, photos, and other cool stuff just for getting involved," Luke Johnson, half of Roosterhead, said.

Meet Roosterhead's Technicolor Astro Van

Johnson adds, "We've already gotten a lot of great reactions from people when we've cruised around in it the last couple has a way of putting smiles on everyone's faces. And they wonder if we plan on selling ice cream in it, too, haha."

People can see the flourescent van 9 p.m. tonight at Roosterhead's Cinco de Mayo show at the Blue Cafe (217 Pine Ave., (562) 436-3600) in Long Beach. The band will also take it to their summer shows at the OC Fair and San Diego County Fair, and all through OC and LA during their summer busking tour.

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