Matisyahu On Acting, His Growth and His Beard

We caught up with Matisyahu for our print feature this week. As he's set to hit the stage at the City National Grove in Anaheim, here some tidbits that we discussed with the clean shaven, beat boxing Reggae musician.

On acting: "It's a completely different thing. I've been doing music consistently for the past eight to nine years and playing over 100 shows per year. Acting, especially on film, which I hadn't done in a long time and is new to me, it was exciting and it was also a different art form. I loved it and I enjoyed it a lot. It was an amazing form of self-expression and I was able to transcend myself through that form. I hope to do a lot more of it.

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On how he's has grown as a musician: "I still have a long way to go to reach the type of level as a performer where I want to be at. I see a lot of growth and that growth is what pushes me forward and allows me to feel that I'm getting somewhere. But I still feel that I have a long way to go, which is a good feeling I think."

On shaving his beard: "It was the right time for me personally to take care of that. It was the type of thing that I felt that it was time to happen. Every morning we say a prayer, which says "Blessed are you Lord of the universe who directs the steps of man." Sometimes in life when you're tapped into that vibration and you see if you have faith, God will lead you."

On working with the Dirty Heads: "I've known them for a few years. We toured together with Sublime With Rome and 311. They asked me to do a song on their record and I did a song with them. When we were both in the studio, we realized we both had records coming out, so we decided to tour together."

On whether or not he has new material: "This album was two years in the making and now it's making ripples outside in the world. We're focusing on that music for now. I've got a record I'm really excited to record. I've written a lot of the lyrics already and I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio and recording."

On his career path: "You don't know what the read ride is going to look like. I did always dream of having a music career and I believed from an early age I was going to be destined to make music and as my career has started to unfold, it felt like a tremendous blessing to have an opportunity to live my dream. So I feel blessed for that everyday."

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