LowBallVideoChatter: The Blank Tapes, "Listen To the One" -- Playing This Weekend in Costa Mesa!

Gonna be a good next few days for the Blank Tapes, the kinda-country, kinda-folky, forever-funky yet mostly-acoustic band led by sonic svengali Matt Adams, who, years and years ago, did some illustrations for the Weekly's inky fishwrap edition. Matt has since abandoned OC for the woolly streets of Oakland, but he's still kind enough to play the occasional gig down here.

Or two. Or three. Tomorrow night, he and the Tapes will be at the Costa Mesa Memphis. Then Saturday night, he scuttles down the 55, hangs a left on 19th Street, and plops himself down in the subterranean bowels of La Cave (give the man a free steak dinner, Cave peeps, wouldja?). Somewhere in between that -- Saturday afternoon at 1, actually -- he plays live on the air of Newport Beach web radio station KOCI.

Here's some video of Matt & the Blank Tapes, from a San Francisco perf earlier this year:


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