LowBallVideoChatter: Fulana, "Lupe From the Block"

Today is the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, and back in 2003, Fulana, an arts collective formed by four New York City Latinas, put out this video commemorating the blessed dia. As they explain on their YouTube page:

"Inspired by La Virgen de Guadalupe, San Juan Diego, and Nuestra Señora de J-Lo, this music video was created to answer burning questions, such as: What's up with these designer Virgen de Guadalupe jeans? How come El Indio Juan Diego became a white man for his saintly Vatican image? Is the Pope concerned about losing the Latino market? And: Are we fooled by the props G-Loop's got? Is she . . . is she . . . Lupe from the Block?"

Possibly questions that only the Mexican knows the answers to.

Visit Fulana at www.fulana.org.


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