LowBallVideoChatter: "Crazy Horses"

A new daily dose of sonically relevant (to me, anyway) video from a former Weekly music editor . . .

For the debut clip of this feature, we'll start at the beginning. MY beginning, with the Osmonds, doing this Finnish-death-metal-hard version of "Crazy Horses" on British TV circa 1972. (That bass! Those guitars! The savage power-chord ferocity of Osmonds cannot be denied! Most importantly: THOSE BELLBOTTOMS!)

This was a cut from the Crazy Horses album, the first real chunk of vinyl I ever owned, sometime after I turned 4. If I remember right, my dad originally bought it as a gift for a co-worker's kid who was in the hospital, but then the kid got better, so he gave it to me instead. Dad was a real prick like that.

Also, Los Bros Osmondos dance about as well as you'd expect Mormons to dance -- do NOT be ingesting beverages when the 2:07 mark hits, I warn you now . . .  

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