Los Abandoned to Reunite for One Night Only!

Los Abandoned to Reunite for One Night Only!

Call them Los Disbanded no more! Lady P, Don Verde, Vira Lata, and Dulce will reunite as Los Abandoned for a special one-time only concert at the Echoplex. It will mark the first time the Los Angeles-based Latin Alternative band has taken the stage since their farewell performance at the Tar Fest in 2007.

The demise of the Los Abandoned capped years of hard work assembling a fan base that worshiped their spunky Spanglish songs. The band scored some notable successes in their up-and-coming career such as performances at the Vive Latino Festival as well as the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show. They were eventually signed to Neil Young's Vapor Records and released their debut full length album Mix Tape in 2006.

The Last Show
The Last Show
Gabriel San Roman
Seemingly on the upward course, so somber then was the mood following their decision to part ways that even Ask a Mexican mused in one of his columns that "the denouement of Los Abandoned signifies something more than just the breakup of a group--it hints at the end of rock en español itself." Though the pronouncement of death turned out to be premature as a resurgent scene now flourishes, including the songs of Pilar Díaz's solo career, it sure as hell felt that way at the time.

The announcement that Los Abandoned would return came last night as a parting gift to

Mucho Wednesday

loyalists. As

reported earlier

on Heard Mentality, the run of Latin Alternative promotional nights at downtown Los Angeles'

La Cita Bar

have come to a close and last night was the grand finale.

As promoter Ricky Garay moves his base of Mucho alt-Latin operations to the Echo and the Echoplex, the Los Abandoned reunion show will take place at the latter venue. Fliers and posters for the special concert promise more details to come including most importantly a date. Since Pilar Díaz has left to Chile to write her second solo album and will be there for much of the summer - or winter as it is down there -  Los Abandoned fans will have to wait at least three months.

But what's a few months when it's been a few years since we've all heard "Van Nuys (Es Very Nice)" live onstage?


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