A group of staggering undead in Long Beach last year helped break the zombie walk world record.
A group of staggering undead in Long Beach last year helped break the zombie walk world record.
Lainna Fader

Long Beach Zombie Walk Returns for 5th Year With More Music, Vendors and BRAAAINS

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Hanging out at the tourist-y shoreline south of Downtown Long Beach means three things: the Queen Mary, the Aquarium and BRRRAAAAIIIIINNNNNSSS.

Well, at least that's how it'll be the Saturday before Halloween this year when the Long Beach Zombie Walk finds its largest home yet down at the Convention Center-adjacent complex of Marina Green, Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Village.

The fifth annual Zombie Walk isn't attempting to break any world records this year (2011's--at 12,000 undead--already did that), but organizers are planning its most ambitious event yet--a day-long festival full of more zombie-themed attractions and entertainment than ever.

Though it started as a few face-painted friends staggering down 4th St. to the Art Theatre for a Halloween screening of Shaun of the Dead, Long Beach Zombie Walk will now include an extra-large "contamination zone" (aka festival) featuring vendors, contests, activities, food, a beer garden and two stages of music. And, yes, at the end of it all, there will still be a screening of Shaun of the Dead, albeit under the stars on a massive outdoor screen.

The Radioactive Chicken Heads and "Master of Scaremonies" Count Smokula (he looks more like a pot-smoking clown than a zombie, but we'll allow it) have been put in charge of curating the main music stage and their lineup so far includes Stolen Babies, the Bitchfits, Yeastie Boys and the appropriately named all-zombie Dead Kennedys cover band--the Undead Kennedys.

So if you've been craving human entrails lately and your skin has become a putrid green, maybe it's time to slowly lurch your way to Long Beach for a hang out sesh with your undead bretheren. If the festival, screening and local-business discounts that are built into your ticket don't lure you from the grave, perhaps the chance to re-live (har har) some punk mayhem will.

Long Beach Zombie Walk will take place Saturday October 27. Buy your Zombie Passport for Long Beach Zombie Walk at ZombieWalkLB.com. Special ticket prices if purchased with Long Beach Comic-Con tickets.


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