Local Record Review: Summer Twins from Riverside

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Local Record Review: Summer Twins from Riverside

Summer Twins
The Good Things


A bit of a neighboring visit here seeing as Summer Twins are from the Inland Empire, but their upcoming acoustic show this Saturday at the Camp in Costa Mesa makes them local for at least one evening. The duo of Chelsea and Justine Brown--guitarist and drummer respectively in the full quartet lineup, as well as being the lead vocalists--drive the band on The Good Things, perfectly positioned between sweetly winsome duo parts and some enjoyable rock bite in equal measure.

Summer Twins: Crying In My Sleep from Benji Newell on Vimeo.

(Justine's percussive role may also explain the ease with which the band time-changes on many of their songs like the excellent "Good Friends," a rhythmic touch not many straight up rock bands allow themselves to try.) Hints of all kinds of approaches crop up throughout the six song release--"Snake vs. Snow" starts with a charging chime that suggests some of the best Anglophilic rock, "The More I Think of You" has both sunshine pop and classic country kicking around--but Summer Twins are already well on their way to finding a sharp, fun synthesis.


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