LMFAO brings Golden Era party rap to OC/LB

For today's underground hip hop audience, the rising infatuation with old-school hip hop flavor has single-handedly resurrected the market for gold chains and neon track jackets. But beyond that, it just goes to show that a great club song knows no decade.

 Enter LMFAO: a loud duo of Hollywood MCs bound for world-fame, or at least an MTV Music Video Award. As their popularity rages like wildfire in nightspots across the country, members Sky Blu and Redfoo are basically a club owners wet dream.  

Hyping up crowds with carefree jams like "I'm In Miami Bitch" and "Get Crazy", there's no question that an LMFAO show has the power to take an audience on a psychosexual space voyage away from reality. Coming up next week, you'll have a couple chances to see these guys in action. 

Next thursday, Dec. 11, LMFAO will be appearing at Ember in Anaheim, followed by a performance at Flight Bistro in Huntington Beach on Dec. 13 for the Xquisite X-mas party. And last but not least, check 'em out on New Years' Eve at The Queen Mary in Long Beach. 

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