The trio, in their synth-poppy glory
The trio, in their synth-poppy glory

Little Daylight Are Seeing Brighter Days on Tour

I first saw Little Daylight when they were opening for Marina and the Diamonds in Seattle. At that point, they didn't even have enough original music to really fill a set list, but their live performance was amazing: Nikki Taylor's vocals were hypnotic and engrossing, and Matt Lewkowicz and Eric Zeiler rocked the stage like they owned it.

Now, one and a half years later, the synth-pop trio from Brooklyn have an EP and an album worth of material to work with and are headlining their own national tour in support of their latest release, "Hello Memory," a studio length album full of the modern indie electro pop that made their name as well as more 80s-influenced synth ballads. Tomorrow, they'll finish their tour with a show at the Troubadour.

I had a phone call with Nikki while she was having lunch to discuss everything they've done thus far.

OC Weekly (Charles Lam): So, how's everything been so far?

Nikki Taylor: The tour's been really fun. We're three shows from the end, and we're on tour with Young Rising Sons, and they've been great.

You've been on a few national tours with Bastille and Marina and the Diamonds before, how's this one different?

It's nice that we get to visit the same markets. You get to see audiences grow, and now that we have some more music, crowds are starting to sing along.

What cities have been your favorite to play?

Austin is a perennial favorite. We played at South by South West 2013 and 2014, so until our last show we hadn't been able to get outside of all the craziness. We love the city. They're big music fans, and the food is great. We had barbecue and went swimming -- we did as many fun Austin things as we could.

Denver is fun too, and Columbus. Young Rising Sons is from Ohio, so it was nice to see a local crowd.

What're you guys going to do in LA once the tour is finished?

We love the beach, Our tour manager has been to the West Coast a lot, but hasn't been in the Pacific Ocean, so this time he's definitely going in. Eric and Matt actually lived in LA for a bit, and they have friends there, so we're going to see them. Apart from that, we're going to eat, and I'm going to shop.

Little Daylight and Young Rising Sons play The Troubadour Wednesday, Aug. 20. Doors open at 8 p.m.

In the meanwhile, check out my two favorite songs:

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