Listen to the Band: Audible Mainframe

When it comes to Long Beach transplants Audible Mainframe, their unique blend of charisma and conscious hip hop gives wanton O.C. hip hop fans plenty to buzz about. But here's a few words of advice before attending one of their shows: if you're not a fan of watching a cramped stage of musicians sweat their asses of to hard- hitting eclectic sounds...stay home.

Since deciding unplug their amps and leave the east coast hip hop scene over a year ago, the band has been on the grind with their infectious live set. Their sound is a mixture of golden age hip hop wisdom spiked with the distorted crunch of Rage Against the Machine. And of course, lyricist M.C. Expo lends his tight flow and loose fro to every beat. Take a second to get to know the AMF crew as this Boston-based band spills the beans.

OCW- Who's in the band and who does what?

Audible Mainframe: Exposition plays The Microphone, Johnny is on The Kit, Lethal D plays the Guitar and The Computers, Meelosh [Dave Miller] plays Keys and Trumpet, Walt Walters plays Bass, DJ Mutt plays The Technics 1200's and MPC, and occasionally plays with peoples heads.

OCW- What motivated you to start the band?

Exposition: I was backpacking in Europe with some comrades of mine, and while I was riding from country to country on these trains I wrote an album called "The Metro." When I got back to The States I wanted to take it out of my head and put it on wax...I found these guys floating around Boston and put a band together...The rest is history

OCW- Who are your biggest influences and why?

Audible Mainframe: Seeing as how our band is 6 deep, there are so many different influences floating around that its not even funny. But the main 3 bands that we draw from are The Roots, Rage Against The Machine and Radiohead. These 3 bands always tend overlap in our collective list of influences, for obvious reasons. But we also Draw from a wide variety of music i.e: Motown, True School Hip Hop, Classic Jazz, Old Funk, Punk Rock, Reggae and even the Cape Verdean Music Expo grew up listening to.

OCW- What's the best thing that's happened to your band? What's the worst thing that's happened to your band?

Audible Mainframe: The best thing was us meeting and deciding to start a band. Its been a fun-ass ride so far, and we hope this is only the beginning. The worst thing is that we've decided to start a band when the worst presidential administration in the history of our country came to power. The price of gas is so high and the economy is so bad, it makes it tough to hit the road in any type of cost-effective manner. DAMN THE MAN!!!!!!

OCW- There are millions of bands and solo artists creating music now. Why should people listen to you?

Cause we'll kill you if you don't!!!!


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