Listen: Highlands Drops A Wall of Sound With New Single 'Railroads'

It's no secret that Tuesday afternoons can drone on pretty badly after your lunch has settled. So we're glad that today we can use the word "drone" in a slightly more uplifting context, thanks to an afternoon song leak by the psychedelic shoegazers, Highlands. The Long Beach quartet just dosed us with a four-minute blizzard of fuzzy, swirling distortion they call "Railroads," the lead single from their forthcoming album Singularity. 

Mixing Melvin-esque sludge metal with the catchy, echo-filled emotion of outfits like


Swervedriver and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Highlands' ghostly, drone-rock-meets-dream-pop concoction makes them an easy favorite for in need of a foray into mind-altering exploration--be it peyote ceremony in desert sweat lodge or a woozy, pot-fueled night of divebar debauchery. You can get a taste of their live chops next month when they join the throngs of loose, prog-inflected local acts at the Moon Block Party in Pomona's downtown Arts Colony. Check out a stream of "Railroads" below.

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