Lil Wayne Rips Apart Kreayshawn's 'Gucci Gucci' on His New Mixtape

When our sister publication LA Weekly reported that Lil Wayne finally dropped his mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait and freestyled over white chick rapper du jour Kreayshawn's Gucci Gucci in a track by "Lil Tunechi," I got a little, well, nervous.

Haters may diss Kreayshawn's one-hit wonder of a song as a joke, but in its essence, you can read it as a feminist anthem ("I got swag and it's pumping out my ovaries") that celebrates creativity ("editor/director plus I'm my own boss") and individuality ("basic bitches wear that shit so I don't even bother"). And even if that crazy do-or-die hook of "one big room, full of bad bitches" didn't make loop-de-loops  inside my head constantly, I at least had another reason to love that supersaturated video to pieces.

By freestyling Lil Waynisms (the usual litany of sex and violence, among others: "tootchitoochi totatooli fuck around and pop ya/my homie's got a white girl call it lady gaga/glock, fourtini, ninacolada/suck, swallow, semencolada") over that indelible hook, Lil Wayne subjugates Kreayshawn's message--and indeed, her total schtick--in his version ("All my hoes dirty like welcome mats"). And sure, his freestyle is solid, hard and fun--it takes this song and runs with it. I just didn't like where he brought it.

Listen to the song after the jump, or stream the whole mixtape  here.


Sorry 4 the Wait

was made available for the masses because

Tha Carter IV

is taking forever, but Lil Wayne did say that the album is "totally done," and features contributions from Nas, Tech N9ne, Cee-Lo, John Legend, Busta Rhymes, Shyne, and Jadakiss, as well as production from Swizz Beatz. It's set for an August 29t release date.


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