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La Santa Cecilia Return to Santa Ana for Delhi Center Zocalo Fundraiser!

La Santa Cecilia has popped up in some very unexpected places recently. La Marisoul, frontwoman of the alt-Latin act, performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a duet with Elvis Costello backed by The Roots. Then they hit the airwaves of NPR for its Tiny Desk Concert. The band just played the Lincoln Center and dates await in Mexico next month. But when La Santa Cecilia returns to Santa Ana for the Delhi Center's annual Zócalo Fiesta fundraiser, it will be on familiar ground.

Before signing with a major label and releasing Treinta Días earlier this year, La Santa Cecilia first expanded their fan base south of Los Angeles in OC performing for local nonprofit organizations like Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble in Santa Ana. Thursday night, they'll be doing it again as the musical entertainment for the Delhi Center!

Since 1969, the Delhi Center, as a nonprofit, has been around offering a space forty-five programs aimed at developing self sufficiency and offering resources in the areas of health, financial stability, education and community engagement. It's headed by Armando de la Libertad and the annual Zócalo Fiesta fundraiser helps keeps the center going. There will also be a "Grito Award" handed out Gilbert and Jacki Cisneros for their work on advocating on behalf of the programs offered.

Last year, our Mexican-in-Chief served as an interesting MC for the night. This time around, the good vibes will be provided by La Santa Cecilia's unmistakable sound that will get the gathered up from the seats at their tables to tirar chancla!

La Santa Cecilia performs at the Delhi Center, 505 E. Central Ave., Santa Ana. Thurs, 6 p.m.- 9 p.m. $100 (including meal and tequila tasting...hey it's a fundraiser after all!)

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