Cloud 9 Revived
Cloud 9 Revived
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Knott's Says No to Another Studio K, Cloud 9 Reunion, But Party Will Rage on Anyway

Knott's Berry Farm must've really meant it when they said that Studio K and Cloud 9's reunion party last year was "one night only." Despite some complaints about waiting in long-ass lines at the two bars for the '80s event, all those 30something and 40somethings were hoping to have another chance to relive their youth and dance the night away this year.

The official Knott's Berry Farm "Studio K/Cloud 9" page on Facebook let on in mid-March that a big announcement was forthcoming. Could the reunion party be set to take place once more? The answer to the question came last week in the form of the following video:

Yes, the bad news is that there will be no Studio K and Cloud 9 reunion this year. The good news is that an '80's Rogue Party' is going down anyway on July 13 at Torch just a short distance from Knott's on Beach Blvd. As the video announcement says, there will be two rooms of music with DJ's promising to recreate the Studio K and Cloud 9 experience just the same. Tickets for the event are slated to go on sale April 15 at 8 a.m. 

For all those who went to last year's reunion or missed out and were hoping to make up for it this time around, will they go "rogue?" Or is it just not the same if it's not at Knott's? 

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