Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson Talks Hockey, His Sexy Legs, and His Love for Irvine

Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson Talks Hockey, His Sexy Legs, and His Love for Irvine

Scott Thompson's comedy style is damn sexy--and edgy, funny, witty, and Canadian as well. This Kids in the Hall member is breaking away from three out of the five-person tribe to hit up the Irvine Improv this Thursday (August 4) through Sunday (August 7) along with Kevin McDonald in "Two Kids One Hall." If his past hilarity is anything like his stand-up, this show promises to bring the funny. And judging from what Scott's plans are for Irvine, you might want to bring your friends and leave your folks at home.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I like the "Two Girls One Cup" reference for the name of your show, "Two Kids One Hall." Not that I know anything about a cup...

Scott Thompson: You know what's funny? I never thought of that!!

Yeah right...

No! I didn't until now! I never even realized it, we were thinking of a Two and Half Men or something like that! It was Kevin's idea so maybe he was thinking of that. I know Kevin though, and there is no way he would have ever seen that video! No way. And if he did see it, he wouldn't reference it. If he knew the reference he would vomit.

I now feel horrible that I even knew the reference! I apologize mom and dad.

No I am glad you mentioned it because I am now going to mention it on stage, no that's great! Thank you for that!

Wow, well if you're looking for more insight; if you come out with a cup maybe...

Oh!! Good idea! We are looking for a little time to fill so that might be it!

Ummm glad to help, sort of. So I was watching some Q&A on YouTube; regarding the whole Kurt Cobain story, did you have to seek therapy to deal with the importance of your power?

Oh you mean when I killed him? Yeah I did, absolutely. You know, I thought about killing myself and then I thought, I can't outdo Kurt! I gotta let him have that. That's such a good story though. It totally delivers a great ending. And it's absolutely true.

What a trip. So do you have more fun writing the material or performing the material?

Oh that's a good question! Well, writing is like you are performing it because you are acting it out. But really, performing is the best part no question. The writing is such a creative thing, well they're both really creative in their own way. I think my favorite thing is when you're performing it and you're still writing it a little bit. That's where we are right now. Irvine is like our first guinea pigs. We've just been doing things here and there but in clubs where everybody loves us, we haven't really faced a real audience where half of them don't know who we are and don't like us!

Awww come on now!

No really! You never know! We're about to perform stuff that is most embryonic. In most ways that is the scariest and the most fun thing.

Do you ever find yourself rewriting the material as you go?

Oh totally! What you see on Thursday night isn't what you'll see on Sunday. This thing that Kevin and I are doing is a really organic thing that we don't really write down our shtick. We just let it happen. It will definitely change.

So you guys are bringing true improv to the Improv?

I mean we know what we have to accomplish, we know what are parts are but it's not written down. That said, our personal sets are written. What we do together is not. That's the whole fun.

So is your show separate or together?

It's both. We'll go back and forth with each other and also talk with each other a lot. The other thing is Scott and Kevin are the opening act for Kevin and Scott.

Haha, sounds like your opening act is going to kill!

Yeah, they're younger, hotter, and fresher. Scott and Kevin are a little older and more jaded. The two groups talk about each other a lot and how much they've learned from each other. They're both stupid as hell. Hopefully it works. We're having a lot of fun now. Let me tell you, it's a funny and stupid show. It's really stupid. So I'm really pleased with it.

Way to sell yourself! So, dirty and stupid? My favorite things...when it comes to comedy I mean!

Mine too but actually, I like those two things when it comes to sex.

Haha, well you are not afraid of catching anything there you big rebel! See now I feel like you are lying about the "Two Girls, One Cup reference. You just gave yourself away.

I think I might have. I'm trying to clean it up for Orange County because it's a conservative area.

Please don't. You better come out and let it all hang. We're not a bunch of Mormons after all.

Ok good!! Glad to know that! Because you know they do have a rep that way. Although, the Mormons do like the Two Girls One Cup.

I believe that flick is called "Two Wives, One Cup."

[Laughs.] Yeah exactly. I think the more oppressed you are the weirder.

Besides getting funnier, how has your comedy grown over the years?

I think I'm a lot more confident on stage but I don't think it's gotten any more mature though. I think we still have pretty much the same targets in our crosshairs. For me, performing comedy live is a chance to be myself as I've gotten more comfortable I rely less on characters. I've changed because I'm more able to play myself.

You've done tons of roles. Are there any that you haven't played that you'd want to take on?

Oh there is lots of great role in movies and plays, yeah absolutely. I'd like do more dramatic roles in movies...but then I remember that I really haven't done anything in movies in years so that's stupid. I'd like to do any kind of role in movies really! I mean, I'd like to have a movie career! Or television even! I haven't done American television in many years!

Do you miss playing all those characters?

Yeah I do miss it, it's true. People don't really want that in main-stream television though, they want you to play a version of yourself. Luckily I can do that now but I wish there was more emphasis on heavy character roles. The ones where you are completely different than who you are. There are not many people who get to do that!

So if you could steal anyone's movie career and get away with it, who would it be?

Sasha Baron Cohen. That's the kind of career I'd like. If I could steal his career and leave him barely alive then yes. If he does not want his career back and nobody blamed me for my attack in the dark from behind, I would do it! Yes.

And he's Jewish, who doesn't want to be chosen?

I know, it's true. And I've been mistaken for a Jew my whole life so it just seems right.

By the way, did you take part in the Boo-hoo fest of the Stanley Cup loss?

No no, I don't give a shit. I know it's a big deal but no, no.

I was shocked, I thought Canadians were more peaceful but I see they can get rowdy.

No they are not calm about hockey! It's a religion. It's like our Islam. It's very serious shit. I don't think any county has a sport like we have with hockey. It's pretty serious here.

I'll say...sorry, back to the show. Will there be any wardrobe changes? Any chance of some drag?

A little bit. Not much, but a bit. As the show goes along and we get more comfortable maybe we'll be able to incorporate more umm...pizazz. It's really not a character show though, it's really me and Kevin. Maybe as we go along I might put in a drag piece though.

Well that begs the question; do you prefer wearing short or long skirts?

Short skirts, because I still have the legs. I'm like Tina Turner. They're gonna last forever! Micro-minis are good too because from the waist down, I look twenty so definitely short skirts!

Do you prefer performing in Canada or the US? (This is where you say the US, specifically in Irvine.)

I think the answer here is not the United States, but Irvine specifically! I mean, I am so glad you asked that because I've wanted to say that from the very beginning. If there is anywhere I'd like to perform, it's Irvine!

Is there anything that Irvine needs to be aware of when your show rolls into town?

Be easy on us, be kind. That's it.

Is there anything in the pipes right now? Not your rear pipes to be clear, I mean your career pipes.

I've got my podcast Scott Free, I just published a graphic novel called, "The Hollow Planet," I am working on my third short film, and I'm just going to continue to tour. My plan is to do this tour with Kevin and maybe then another one. Just keep performing live and see where it takes me.

I just love live comedy, it's my favorite.

Yeah me too. Especially in Irvine.

Make sure you catch Scott and Kevin in "Two Kids One Hall" at the Irvine Improv August 4th-7th. You can also get more of Scott on his website, on his podcast, or follow him on Twitter. For tickets call 949-854-5455 or log onto: The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, 92618 (21+ over).


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