Katy Perry, Now On a Sims Game

Katy Perry, Now On a Sims Game
Electronic Arts today announced its collaboration with Katy Perry for The Sims. The life-simulation game will feature Perry-themed content and virtual goods such as clothing, hairstyles, props and furniture. The Collector's Edition expansion pack for The Sims 3 Showtime will be out in March.

Steve Schnur, worldwide executive of Music for EA, explained the company chose Perry because she'd been popular "for several years." He also said the song "Hot and Cold" (featured in The Sims 2 series) "became the most popular Simlish music video to date.

In a statement, Perry said, "I love how you're able to play out different stories through your


characters -- giving them different careers and watching them succeed. It's cool to see the


' stage performances in

The Sims 3 Showtime

decked out just like my California Dreams Tour -- even my cotton candy video screens are in there! I always like to think of myself as a cartoon, and now I'm a Sim!"

We heard Perry's parents were setting her up with Denver Quarterback Tim Tebow. . . . Does that mean Tebow will have a Sims cameo as well?


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