Jock Jams-Free 2011 NFL Kickoff Playlist

Jock Jams-Free 2011 NFL Kickoff Playlist

Are you ready for some football? Hank Williams, Jr. really wants to know.

The 2011 NFL regular season kicks off Thursday night, when the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers host the New Orleans Saints at Lambeau Field. Apparently, for cities with a pro football team, this is a pretty big deal. So to commemorate the great American gladiator tradition that we (alone) call football, here's a playlist of un-traditional football tunes to get you pumped in lieu of a hometown team to root for.

"Backfield in Motion," Mel & Tim

This goes out to the referee; a song about penalties--holding, offsides, etc.--throwing the flag on a scandalous ladyfriend whose "backfield is in motion," which apparently means being unfaithful in late-'60s parlance.

"Ballroom Blitz," Sweet

This one goes out to linebackers, a 1975 glam-rock stompfest that packs the intensity of a wild-eyed Clay Matthews en route to a quarterback sack. Or Pacman Jones when he's out clubbin'.

 "Man in Motion," St. Elmo's Fire

This goes out to slot receivers. It also nods to Philadelphia's team: "Like an eagle flying higher and higher"--Michael Vick & Company beefed up its roster to "climb the highest mountain" and the "cross the wildest sea." Read: a playoff rematch against Green Bay.

"Hold the Line," TOTO

This goes out to the defensive line. A song about dominating the trenches, where football games are won and lost. Dedicated to run stoppers like Shaun Rodgers and Kevin Williams, and the offensive linemen that hold them.

"Hail Mary," 2Pac

An ode to the quarterback's last-second heave down field, for Doug Flutie, Kurt Warner and David Garrard.

"Running Back," Thin Lizzy

This is for the running back, workhorses like Adrian Peterson, Jamal Charles and Ray Rice. Phil Lynott knows how you feel Monday morning: "When you think it's over, it's not over, there's still the pain." Pretty much sums it up.

"I Block," Trash Talk

This one is for the offensive line: A thrasher for the big boys up front keeping the defense off the ball carrier. The ugly, inglorious men who win games in anonymity.


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