I just made it my mission. That was going to be my job.
I just made it my mission. That was going to be my job.

Jay Mohr is Getting Everyone Pregnant in Brea This Weekend!

In the last three decades, Jay Mohr has been showing the world (and his loyal fans) that he's more than a stand-up comic by mastering his craft in the realm of acting, writing, and as a dynamic radio host. But in honor of his stand-up roots, Mohr is helping the Improv ring in 50 years by gracing the stage at the Brea Improv this Friday through Sunday. But before that, we talked to him about podcasting, his appearance this year at BlizzCon, and finally got to the bottom of why his beautiful (and hysterical) wife Nikki Cox isn't on Twitter.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I love hearing you on Opie and Anthony...just wanted to throw that out there. I'm a diehard fan.

Jay Mohr: Right on! You know, it's great when you do radio and you make friends. As a comic when you travel all over the country, there are only a few radio hosts that get it. They know that it's "a hang" and they don't keep their eye on the corporate clock. You can count them on one hand and it's Opie and Anthony, Kevin and Bean, Paul and Young Ron in Florida, Lewis and Floorwax in Denver, and Ron and Fez. It's really great to have good radio friends.

You do the same thing with Mohr Stories which is why it's so fun to listen to. No one wants to hear a stiff interview and you're really great at chopping it up with your guests.

Oh well thanks! I love doing it. We're hoping that one day it can be like a TV show someplace. That'd be really cool.

I'd love to see that. I heard that Last Comic Standing is coming back to NBC too so congrats!

Yeah I'm very excited about that. I haven't been contacted by anybody at NBC and I know that they've hired Wanda Sykes as an executive producer, and that is really great news. I love Wanda. She's an exceptional comic. I created the show so regardless of what happens it'll be good for me but, I'd love to be involved. I'd very much love to host it again.

That's what I was wondering about because I'd love to see you host it too!

No one has asked me but I definitely would. It's just such a great experience to get on stage and do 10 minutes of material in front of millions of people. You don't get that opportunity very often.

Well I'll be rooting for you on that! How was BlizzCon this year? They have huge audiences too I hear.

BlizzCon was awesome! It's a huge gig, there are like 14,000 people there. I've done it eight years and the first year I went out, I was dressed in a three piece suit and I was surrounded by people in green paint. I was like, I'm completely overdressed! The next year I wore a flannel shirt and then when I saw the YouTube clips, I thought I looked like a bum. This year I went with a suit jacket and dress shirt. I said to my wife before I went downstairs, does this jacket need to be ironed? She said, "Honey. You're going to be surrounded by Orcs. I think you're OK!"

Your wife rules, I'm a big fan of hers. Why isn't Nikki on Twitter by the way? She's perfect for it!

I'll tell you exactly why she's not on Twitter. She says, "As lousy as I feel about myself on a day to day basis, no one is going to trumpet in the wasteland that is Twitter so what's the point?" There is always the inevitable, "you fucking suck," "you're a piece of shit," and "get off Twitter." That's just not an avenue that she feels like walking down. And it's an avenue that you must walk down on there. I've blocked thousands of people. People say something ho-hum like "Your last album sucked" and I'm like, BLOCKED! Now when I get on Twitter it's this beacon of positivity where people just wash my balls. [Laughs.]

I get it, I mean you guys are in the public eye. I get asshole people sometimes too but I don't get global judgment.

Ali, you make a good point about being in the public eye though! If you read the tabloids, they say Nikki had completely reconstructed her face. If you Google search Nikki Cox, the first five pages will be like, what the hell did she do to her face? She's never had any work done whatsoever except for when she was eighteen and had her boobs reduced. It's like, sometimes when you have a two-year-old you go to the pharmacy without putting on make-up and they'll get a photo of you with your mouth hanging open and they just destroy you. And when you say, "being in the public eye," we don't go to parties, we don't do red carpets, and we don't drink or do drugs. We drink diet soda and watch Law and Order all night. That's our party. So you get to a point of, why are you still writing about me? I'm at home raising children and just being a mom!

Urghh. I hate the media for fucking up my "Nikki on Twitter" experience! Screw that. OK last thing, tell me about how you ended up hooking up with Fox Sports Radio for Jay Mohr Sports?

Well Jim Rome left Fox Sports Radio and just to put it easily, there was a vacancy. Someone had to sit in that chair. I had guest hosted for Jim Rome about forty times and I just made it my mission. That was going to be my job. There was no way I wasn't going to get that job and if I didn't get that job, I was going to do a sports podcast every single day and put it against that job. Fortunately, I did a bunch of test shows, it worked out very well, and now we're up to 140 affiliates. We're doing really great and I think people enjoy the transparency. If I don't know something I just admit that I don't know it. The callers and the tweets are all very positive.

I'm sure it'll be pretty positive in Brea too. I know Orange County loves when you come do a room there.

I go to Brea twice a year and it's a great club. I love doing stand-up comedy and the longer you do it, the more that you become the reason people show up. All of my shows are meet and greets too because I think that's really important. I have two hours of new stuff so now the challenge is trying to fit it into a little over an hour. I love sharing what happens to me, I have a lot of great stories, and it's super high paced and very adlibbed. I'd say about twenty minutes every night I make up at that moment. If you went to the first show Friday and then went to the second show Friday, you'd see a completely different forty-five minutes in the middle.

So people should by tickets to multiple shows really. That's the bottom line.

(Laughs.) Yeah! Sure! Absolutely! Or, they can just bring 50 people to one show!

Jay Mohr performs at the Brea Improv November 22nd through 24th, 120 South Brea Blvd. 92821, (714) 482-0700. For tickets go to www.Improv.com. For more info, check out his website www.JayMohr.com, follow him on Twitter: @JayMohr37, tune into Jay Mohr Sports, and download the app for Mohr Stories on iTunes.

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