Grisham's TSOL tooth in all its glory
Grisham's TSOL tooth in all its glory

Jack Grisham is Selling His Tooth on Ebay

Yes. This a real thing.

Our favorite punk rock eccentric Jack Grisham wants you to have a piece of himself. Well, he wants to sell it you's worth noting that this upper left molar is fully intact and only a little bloody. Yesterday, the former Weekly columnist, author, and founding member of TSOL and The JoyKiller offered one of his choppers up for auction on Ebay. Of course, plenty of folks are biting.

So far 21 bids have elevated this tooth from $0.99 to $91!

By now, most of his fans know that Grisham is no stranger to auctioning off weird prizes that often involve a little bodily pain. Though this is a little different from the time he offered to tazer one lucky fan in the nuts for $200 as part of an IndieGogo fundraiser to bankroll the latest Joykiller album. The campaign was more than successful by the way, and apparently one person actually claimed the nut- zapping prize. Whoever that fan is, we hope he and his scorched sack are recovering nicely.

Anyway, with two full days still left to go, anyone have bets on how high this bid will get? And what will the lucky winner do with the tooth? Most importantly, why the hell would Grisham sell this on Ebay...besides the fact that he's Jack Fucking Grisham?

"I thought it might be a fun Christmas gift for someone," he told the Weekly in a brief email. "It's also illegal ( or so I've heard )."

Are you weird enough to bid on this too? Then click over to Ebay and battle it out to buy your loved one that special holiday gift they never saw coming.

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