Irvine Improv Closes to Move to New Location at Spectrum

Not a lot of people deal well with change and to those people we say, we're right there with you. When it comes to the closing of the Irvine Improv all we can think is, thankfully it won't be closed forever. Because truthfully, we'd miss it too much.

But then again, change can be good.

Over the years there have been many comics to stand up and do their stand-up in front of that signature brick wall like Dave Attell, Gilbert Gottfried, Margaret Cho, Jim Norton, Bob Saget, Amy Schumer, Anjelah Johnson, Daniel Tosh, Katt Williams...the list could literally go on forever.

On June 29th the boys from Sullivan & Son hit the stage and then left the stage. The famous Improv sign was taken off the brick wall, the lights went down, and the doors closed for the last time. The Irvine Improv is moving to a new location in the Irvine Spectrum and while there is no exact date as of this very minute from what we can see on the outside, the new Improv will be more incredible than ever. We're going to go out on a limb here and assume that we're not alone when we say, as longtime fans of this venue, it'll be strange to not walk through those familiar doors ever again. We will however be looking forward to breezing through the new and much larger Irvine Improv doors to see some fantastic comedy really soon.

To the "O.G." Irvine Improv we'll leave it at this, thanks for the memories.

And to the new Irvine Improv, we can't wait to make new ones.

Irvine Improv Closes to Move to New Location at Spectrum

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