In Print This Week: Mike Atta, Wolfgang Gartner, Well Hung Heart, Ask Exene

Mike Atta, second from right, with The Middle Class back in the day
Mike Atta, second from right, with The Middle Class back in the day

[Editor's Note: Every Thursday, in addition to bombarding you with blog posts, this newspaper does something really crazy...we write a print version! Here's a taste of our top stories this week.]

1) Our lead feature this week puts the spotlight a member OC punk royalty, Mike Atta of the 70s hardcore punk band The Middle Class. This month, the guitar hero/owner of local Fullerton shop Out of Vogue is undergoing a second battle with cancer that he never saw coming. This time, fans, friends and OC punks are coming to his aid by finding all sorts of ways to donate toward the cost of his medical bills. We follow Atta's story and realize that if there's one thing musicians are good at around here when they're not on stage, it's helping a fallen brother.
2) Our second feature this week is a Q&A with renowned house DJ Wolfgang Gartner and his averse reaction to EDM gimmickry that involves douchey dance routines and hurling things into the crowd. Unlike other big name selectors, he says he'd rather let his beats do the talking--what a crazy idea. Ahead of his performance at the Yost Theater on Saturday, the electro house guru from northern California talked to us about not throwing cake or champagne at his audiences and his obsession with day spas. 

3) Our Locals Only column this week is on an Orange-based band named Well Hung Heart, endowed with some of the finest stripped down rock chops we've seen in recent memory. We sit down with musician couple Greta Valenti and Robin Davey, who explained how their two-person project all started with a little YouTube connection--it's not often you see a potential band member on an online video and decide you have to have them, which is pretty much how they met. Anyway, we're glad they did--especially when you consider the explosive chemistry that created power chord free-for-alls like "Devil" and "I Can't Dance."

4) Our Ask Exene column this week tackles a hard question: What do you do when you realize your mom is boning a priest?

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