Housewives of OC's Gretchen and Slade Keep it Real (Real-ity, That Is)

Housewives of OC's Gretchen and Slade Keep it Real (Real-ity, That Is)

From the Real Housewives of Orange County to the Irvine Improv, you can catch OC's sexiest couple Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley doing what they do best--laughing at life. If you are a fan of the show (and don't want to admit it) or just happen to be a fan of comedy in general, this one night show promises to be one you can't miss! And if you're worried that the night will be lacking in laughs, don't! There will be some "real" comics on hand to bring even more funny so whatever you are doing, get your tickets now to see "Keeping it Reality," get some laughs, and have the chance to have some questioned answered by the stars themselves!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Don't tell anyone but I am obsessed with the whole Housewives franchise...

Slade: Well then let me be the first to apologize that you got sucked in.

When the Housewives first came out we googled Slade and we found some rather sexy black and white photos of him with his bootie showing.

Gretchen: Nice!! How hot is that picture? It's on the ceiling in my bedroom. [Laughs.]

Slade: You have me blushing a little right now! I started modeling in L.A. when I was about 18 and spent almost a decade working in commercials and even acting before Housewives even happened. When Gretchen first found that photo she e-mailed it to her mother!

Gretchen: Shut up!! [Laughs.] He is such a liar! I don't know where he comes up with this stuff!

Hey, I think it's a good idea to show your mom why you're dating him. The picture works!

Gretchen: Yeah it'd be like, mom, now do you see why I am dating this guy? I will tell you though, the picture was taken quite a few years ago but it still looks the same!

Well that's enough reason for people to come out on Tuesday! I hear you are both fans of Glee.

Slade: Yes, we're both huge fans of Glee. I'm about half an inch from being gay anyways.

Gretchen: And I want to be on that show! It would be so much fun to be on it singing and dancing! We were thinking because they talked about the Housewives on one of the episodes that they might as well have a Housewife on right? And Slade's son Grayson was also on Glee! It was really fun for him!

Slade: He was on the episode when they went to the children's hospital and played songs for the cancer kids. My son was the one who walked up and high-fived Matt Morrison!

That is awesome! Why do you think the Housewives continues to be so popular?

Slade: I think at first they were offering this glimpse into this expensive, exclusive lifestyle behind the gates giving people a sneak peek into their individual lives. That's what's so interesting because people in America are so fascinated with celebrities, professional athletes, and the rich and wealthy because you get to see and experience things that maybe in their normal life they wouldn't have an opportunity to do.

However, everyone has gone through an upheaval in their ability to earn with this economy. It's what causes the show to now be so relatable. At the same time, they are mining for certain stories and taking advantage of the fact that my income had clearly changed after my son was diagnosed with cancer. You want to believe that a young pretty girl is dating an older wealthy man and it's all about the money because that's the stereotype we put out there. When you follow the story with Bravo, you kind of learn that everything isn't how it's perceived. There really is more to a relationship and more behind the scenes but they're certainly going to tease with the stereotype.

We love to see drama stirred and you just started filming so, how is the new season going so far?

Gretchen: It's going good so far! We've got a lot to tell this season and I've got a lot on my plate. But, I'm really excited and I think the audience is really going to enjoy my stories and watching me continuously grow my brand Gretchen Christine. I'm also doing some stuff for the Pussycat Dolls and of course, the Irvine Improv which we are very excited about.

Ohhh so they'll be following your journey into comedy on the show?

Gretchen: Well, you never know what will end up on the cutting room floor but they are following it now.

Well that would be great if they do show know, for future comedy shows.

Slade: Yeah that's because they think it will suck so bad it'll make good TV!

Gretchen: [Laughs.] I'm a little nervous about it, I'm not gonna lie. I think this whole Improv thing came together and I was like, wait, what are you doing? Stand-up comedy now? But the thing is that, Slade is so funny! I laugh all the time at him. But then I told him the other day, babe, just because I laugh at you doesn't mean your funny! Because I laugh at everything!

Well I have the inside scoop from the Improv and I heard that Slade is actually funny to more people than just you so it should be amazing!

Gretchen: He is really funny but I've never seen him where he has to go up and perform something at that moment.

Might I suggest Slade wears that outfit from the photo-shoot we were talking about earlier, just in case it doesn't go that well?

Slade: That is an excellent idea! [Laughs.] Alright then I can show up butt out!

Gretchen, regarding your new song "Revelation," when can we expect a full album?

Gretchen: We were just at a meeting with some producers and with a record company that is looking at me so we will see! I don't know if that's the direction that I am necessarily shooting for right now but I love writing and creating music so if the opportunity comes along and it works, great! Right now I'm enjoying the creative process of being in the studio and writing sessions. We will see how the story unfolds!

I'm sure life in the OC is motivating enough but, where else do you find your inspiration with songwriting?

Gretchen: That's interesting because we just talked about creating a song with the influence coming from Grayson. It's about just a lot that he's been through. He was singing a song the other day for Slade and he called it, "The Pain Song." It really gives me the inspiration to possibly create something based on that. We have a lot of things in the hopper right now and it's just a matter of working it out and seeing what's next.

Awww. It's pretty impressive how fast your brand has grown as you have clothes, jewelry, handbags, make-up, songs, you're on TV...what could possibly be next for you?

Gretchen: Yes! I have a lot of things on my e-commerce site. Obviously I have my Gretchen Christine collection which includes cosmetics and handbags. We are going to be doing everything and anything you can find in a woman's closet and possibly even a man's closet. We just collaborated with a huge group out of New York that really wants to take it to the next level with me so we have worked out a new deal with them and are producing a new set of handbags, and maybe shoes next. We're just going to keep expanding the brand as it grows. It's a great opportunity to interact with my fans, they're so loyal and amazing. I love it!

Any chance of doing a collaboration with fellow cast mates brand "Alexis Couture?"

Gretchen: [Laughs.] That's funny. Umm not at this point. I love Alexis and she's a good friend of mine but I'm not in business...I think I'm going to keep it separate.

Any chance of a spin off show? You both have so much going on I think you could carry it all on your own!

Slade: Honey, I'm trying to get fired. [Laughs.]

Gretchen: [Laughs.] Yeah we keep trying to get fired but it doesn't work! Here's the thing, we are so grateful that Bravo has given this opportunity because it's been so great and so fun to be able to accomplish everything we have. Sometimes though, I sit and cry at the editing. On another side, it would be awesome and an honor if they wanted to do a spin-off with Slade and I because I agree with you, we have a lot going on and we have a lot of stories to tell! However in the same breath, it's very difficult to carry your own show and it's not something I'm holding my breath for. But if it's right, I think the audience will really be the ones who decide that for the network. long as it's not a dating show, OK Slade?

Slade: You know how that happened? I was offered the Bachelor, and after I ended my relationship with Jo I was still under contract. Bravo said they were going to pen a show for me sort of like a "real bachelorette of Los Angeles" with me helping her. It didn't really blow people out of the water here but the show was such a huge hit in Europe! They are still so fanatical about that show, I just don't get it. It's like me and David Hasselhoff.

Euro man. Hey, maybe you can host a show to find a woman for the Hoff?

Slade: That is such a good idea! We can host every episode being drunk and eating cheeseburgers on the floor.

I would watch that. So of course I now need to know, any chance of a Gretchen/Jo collaboration?

Gretchen: [Laughs.] Yeah, that would be a big no.

Slade: You know Jo is very happy now bartending and singing karaoke.

Gretchen: You are so mean!

Hah! So not even a karaoke collaboration?

Slade: You know, Jo has a great voice but you have to be willing to do the work. I mean there are plenty of amazing artists who are not really good (Rihanna) I am not mentioning any names, but they have great fans and they can't sing in public (Taylor Swift). I'm not saying that they haven't gotten better but sometimes, they are horrific (Britney Spears). You can't rely on being cute and being able to shake your ass, you've gotta put in work!

I could keep you two forever so let's just get into your comedy show.

Gretchen: [Laughs.] Even if we are really bad will you say we were really good?

Slade: Yeah, we'll get you completely toasted so you'll say nice things. I'll get you a giant bottle of tequila so you'll be good.

Deal! I will hold you to that! When did Slade realize he had the balls to make people hardy-har-har on stage?

Gretchen: I am better at telling this story, so let me. First of all, never did we have that realization. What happened is, Slade came to me and was like, "Honey, there is an opportunity for us to host at the Improv and what do you think about doing that?" I thought it sounded great and the next thing I know he tells me a week later, I forgot to tell you...I'm doing stand-up. Long story short, he decided without me knowing anything about him doing stand-up.

Slade: It's going to be more of a variety show because I really don't think I am that funny! We do have some very funny and successful comedians attached to the show and it's really a little bit of Gretchen hosting and me doing some storytelling and poking fun at what our reality has become because of our association with the Housewives.

We really are monkeys in Bravo's circus and we are embracing that and using it as an opportunity to give people an inside look into what happens and address all of the stuff that is out there. It's going to be a lot of fun! Poor Gretchen did get sucked into this but she is so funny all of the time and she doesn't realize it.

Gretchen: I think it's funny because we like to make fun of life and that is just how we are. If you live life without a sense of humor, you'll have a really rough life. But that is a totally different thing than going up on stage and now people are expecting you to be funny in that moment.

Hey, the fans will love it and they'll come out to see you, don't put so much pressure on yourself! I think you guys really bounce off each other and you're funny and entertaining together!

Gretchen: Thank you, I hope so!

Slade: I am really excited about it and we don't think we're comedians and we're not trying to be comedians so, were going to have a great time and then we'll do a Q&A at the end. So anyone who want to ask questions behind the scenes about some of the women, is there actually a whore on your show...we'll be able to address all of it!

And to gear you up for the "hard hitting" Q&A questions you might receive, I was so repulsed with the Tamra bathtub scene last season, did you guys almost throw-up as well?

Gretchen: Oh gosh that was bad.

And the way Eddie had to down that wine to even get in the tub? Vomitus.

Slade: You know why it's so difficult for Eddie is because he had to go to the heterosexual side of the fence. It was just really weird.

Gretchen: Shut up! [Laughs.] You're such a liar!

I would have never guessed Eddie was gay with all of those super tight shirts and lip gloss...

Slade: Hey, you said that! We didn't say that! I would never make that accusation ever!

To grab some of Gretchen's beautiful swag go to her website and you can also follow Gretchen and Slade on Twitter at @GretchenRossi and @SladeSmiley.

To find out more about the incredible fight against cancer Slade's son Grayson is facing, please check out

We'll see you on later at the Irvine Improv for "Keeping it Real-ity" so grab your tickets before it sells out at (949) 854-5455 or log onto: The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Dr., Irvine. 21+.


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