The rest of the band is coming along this time!
The rest of the band is coming along this time!
Carla Zarate

Hometown Heroes Enjambre FINALLY Return to LA this Weekend

The last time Enjambre performed locally since leaving OC for Mexico City in 2008 was three years ago, on July 18. The band, whose move propelled them to greater success as accomplished musicians, assembled in the humble quarters of SanTana's now defunct Breath of Fire Theater space for an intimate show presented by SolArt Radio.

As members of Enjambre still have family here, they return around the holidays to visit, but the question of coming back for a hometown show was always on the table. When the Weekly interviewed the Latin alternative rockers this January in Anaheim, they were dead set on making that happen this year.

Thanks again to the efforts of SanTana's SolArt Radio, that desire becomes reality when the band takes the stage for the Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park BMI Summer Series alongside Colombian duo Il Abanico this Saturday at 8 p.m. for FREE. Enjambre, in the words of their English language song off of Daltónico are "Makin' it Back."

"We are excited to finally play in LA again," says bassist

Rafa Navejas

, "We know of many friends of old that will be attending and that have been kind enough to follow our path during our stay in Mexico City," he adds. "We have no idea as to who else will be attending, but the idea of seeing old friends and to play for them is priceless!"

In prepping their stateside audience, the band set up an Enjambre USA Facebook page and already performed at SXSW earlier this year. On the site, they mention that the recording of their new album is almost finished while revealing its first single "Somos Ajenos." Fans planning to head out to the show this weekend can still influence the set list as the band is soliciting requests.

Though Enjambre is coming back to Los Angeles, Mexico's recent controversial presidential elections are creeping up right behind them. "We are living in agitating times here in Mexico. there's a particular non-conformist sense among the youth in massive proportion," says Navejas. "There's a general sense of disgust towards corruption in our government and an urgent need for a radical change that goes beyond all the controversy unleashed by the presidential elections."

As it turns out, a mega marcha in solidarity is scheduled the very same day as the concert with a flyer circulating the slogan 'We don't want Peña Nieto nor his oppressive government!" The site of the demonstration? MacArthur Park! "It's no surprise that brothers and sisters in LA have picked up on it," Navejas adds. If so inclined, you can get your Latin alternative politics on around noon and later in the night enjoy the Latin alternative indie-rock sounds of Enjambre all at the same location!

As for an OC show? We're still waiting for a venue to step up and stop being a bunch of pendejos! Sigh...

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