Top ten records and DVDs sold from October 27 to November 2, at DR. FREECLOUD'S, 18960 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley, (714) 962-9787; www.drfreeclouds.com. Dr. Freecloud's has specialized in electronic dance music since 1989.

1 Ron D Core, Terror Over Phoenix CD (Dr. Freecloud's Mixing Lab)

2 SPL, The Death EP 2x12" (Tech Itch Recordings)

3Rock Fresh—Special Edition DVD (Calico Arts)

4 DJ Sharpnel, Brain Violation CD (Sharpnel Sound Japan)

5 Moshpit, Self Proclaimed Kings of Infamy EP 12" (Industrial Strength Records)

6 High Tech Soul, The Creation of Techno Music DVD (Plexifilm)

7 Deep Dish featuring Stevie Nicks, Dreams 2x12" (Deep Dish Records)

8 The Speed Freak, Heart Stopper 12" (Psychik Genocide)

9 Limewax & SPL, We Have Life EP 2x12" (Freak Recordings)

10 Sandra Collins, Perfecto Presents: Sandra Collins Part 2 (Thrive)

STAFF PICK: Ron D Core, Dr. Freecloud's Psychedelic Drugstore CD (Dr. Freecloud's Mixing Lab): "All time best seller!" (Helen)


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