The hardcore pioneers have been together 35 years
The hardcore pioneers have been together 35 years

Hardcore Legends D.O.A. To Play The Observatory On Final Tour

Known as one of the most political and hard working punk bands since their inception back in 1978, punk rockers D.O.A. announced that they'll be calling it quits after their upcoming, final run of tour dates. One of those select shows lands them at The Observatory on Friday, Feb. 1.

Beginning with their first release, Disco Sucks EP, the Vancouver-natives established themselves as one of the most influential and pioneers in hardcore punk music along with Black Flag and Bad Brains amongst others. They've been to all corners of the world, spreading their leftist politics, summarized by their slogan TALK-ACTION=0. As their fans will note, this includes taking on causes like Rape Relief, Anti-Racism, Education, Anti-Globalization, Anti-War, OXFAM, First Nations Rights, Anti-Censorship and environmental causes amongst many others. Those causes served as the catalyst for Joe Keithley to give up music and to become a politician, which should come as a surprise to no one.

"I've been working on trying to change Canada and this world into a better place from outside the system for the last 35 years," Keithley says in a press release."Now I will do my utmost to effect that change from inside the system. That's why I am running for the only progressive party, the NDP."

Before that happens, however, the band that influenced the likes of Green Day, Rancid and Red Hot Chili Peppers will finish the tour that they began in Eastern Canada last fall with a run in California and Alberta, Canada, before hanging up the mic stand and putting away the instrument cases once and for all.

Here are D.O.A.'s upcoming tour dates:

Thursday Jan. 31st - Phoenix Theatre Petaluma, CA
Friday Feb. 1st - The Observatory Santa Ana, CA
Saturday Feb. 2nd - Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA
Sunday Feb. 3rd - Weber's, Reseda, CA

Wednesday Feb. 20th - Studio Nightclub, Lethbridge, AB
Thursday Feb. 21st - The Vat, Red Deer, AB
Friday Feb. 22 - Pawn Shop, Edmonton, AB
Saturday Feb. 23rd - The Republic, Calgary, AB
Sunday Feb. 24th - Wild Bill's, Banff, AB

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