Guantanamo Baywatch's Video Mixtape Relives The Long Strange Trip of 2016

Guantanamo Baywatch's Video Mixtape Relives The Long Strange Trip of 2016

If Guantanamo Baywatch could travel the world by surfboard, they probably would. Over the last year, the Portland trio have spread the gospel of raw, wave-riding party punk with a soulful glow. It brings the entire world a little closer to the west coast one show at a time. Though they prefer to spend the majority of their time goofing around, the 2015 album, ...Darling It's Too Late on Suicide Squeeze Records garnered them some serious attention and resulted in a year full of touring and rad shows. During their excursions to far off regions—including Canada, Europe and Australia—they've garnered more than a few memories of great towns and bands along the way.  And while details of countless wild nights may seem fuzzy at this point, one thing that sticks with them is the great music they've experienced. Tonight's show at the Observatory is their last SoCal gig for a while, as they plan to record their next album in Atlanta. Before they pack up and head to the studio, the band shares a video mixtape of their favorite bands they met and partied with on tour this year.

Gooch Palms
We first saw the Gooch Palms play in Chicago at The Empty Bottle and as soon as their set started we knew we were gonna love them. We drunkenly spoke with them after the show about doing a tour together not knowing if it would ever actually happen and then it did! We toured across America together in March of this year and we have been singing their songs in our heads ever since. Check out their new album "Introverted Extroverts" and become hooked just like we are!

Natural Child
Natural Child has an amazing new album out now called "Okey Dokey" and we cant spot listening to it. We love these country boys and we even had the pleasure of releasing a split 7 inch with them entitled "SURF & TURF." This is one of our favorite videos by the boys.

White Fang
The other day we were all just talking about how the music scene in Portland was back in 2009 and 2010 and how much fun we had. White Fang was a huge part of that scene and we have been best buds with them for a long time now. Its rad to watch our homies from that time progress in music and now tour the world. GET WRECKED!

No Parents
No Parents are some of the sweetest people we know and they have always been an awesome live band. This is one of our favorite videos out right now even though its a little older. If they are reading this we wanna say "WASSSUP DUDES, WE MISS YALL!".

Mangelwurzel (Australia)
We got to hang out with Mangelwurzel and watch them play on our first tour to Australia and they absolutely blew our minds. The video and song pretty much speak for themselves. We heard this song for the first time 2 years ago and we still include it on all of our playlists. This is definitely one of our favorite bands, unfortunately as of this year they no longer play together. This video was made by the lead singer Cosi, she has a new band now called Jaala and its also a BANGER!

Mean Jeans
Fuckin Mean Jeans! These are our best buds up in Portland, we all lived in the same neighborhood for a while and used to party and babysit each others dogs. This video is mostly tight cuz our drummer Chris makes a brief cameo appearance and is wearing a No Doubt shirt also Andy plays a drum fill with rollerblades.

Together Pangea
We love our Pangea fam! These boys practically lived at the Baywatch house for most of last year and some of this year. We set up a big mattress in the middle of the living room and watched movies and played Tony Hawk pro skater on the projector screen. This video is fucking wild and it has tons of our LA homies in it having a fuckin blast.


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