Flaming Lips and Hyundai Join Forces For Super Bowl Commercial

Flaming Lips and Hyundai Join Forces For Super Bowl Commercial

Unless you've been living under a rock or a parallel dimension, you know this Sunday marks one of the biggest unofficial holidays of the year: the Super Bowl. When the 49ers taken the Ravens Sunday, the 47th edition of the Super Bowl is expected to be one of the most watched events of the year, if not of all-time.

As many of you know, everything about the game is huge, including the commercials. Companies shell out big bucks on Super Bowl Sunday in order to resonate and make a lasting impact on consumers, and that includes local businesses as well. This year, Costa Mesa-based Hyundai Motor America got out their check book for none other than the Flaming Lips.

In order to drum interest in their 2013 models, the local car manufacturer Hyundai partnered with one of our favorite bands, Wayne Coyne and company on a song that serves as the music new Super Bowl XLVII commercial, "Epic PlayDate." The new track "Sun Blows Up Today" will be featured as a digital bonus track on the band's upcoming album, The Terror, which drops in April. Before to its airing during the Super Bowl, "Sun Blows Up Today" is available starting today for free download to the first 100,000 fans at www.Hyundai.com.

The new 60-second spot, "Epic PlayDate," airs right before kickoff and features the all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe, available in dealerships this Spring. The ad takes viewers on an unforgettable journey with the Santa Fe as a key player, packing in fun for the whole family. The Flaming Lips co-star as "one of the family" and partake in various activities that pay homage to signature band references such as giant floating balloon balls, robot costumes, clouds of confetti and more. The video was directed by Jody Hill of Eastbound and Down fame.

Take a peek at the commercial below:

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