Not too heroic nowadays, are we?
Not too heroic nowadays, are we?

Five Songs (Possibly) Angrier Than Mel Gibson's Rants

Oh, Mel Gibson. Every day this week, we've been treated to snippets of your terrible temper and your sick and twisted thoughts via your ex-girlfriend's recordings of your phone conversations.

Even a New York Times columnist weighed in, saying your "guttural sounds burst out like hammer blows...pummel[ing] (ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva's) honor, her intelligence, her womanhood, her maternal skills and everything else. Imagine every crude and derogatory word you've ever heard. He's not really arguing with her, just trying to pulverize her into nothingness."

And those recordings on

are difficult to listen to; usually more than eight minutes long, winding and painful. Mel Gibson may probably take comfort in the fact that while he is the only person in the world who's been publicly shamed, dropped by his ageny, and ruined a career over hateful words spread over the Internet, he is not alone in the hate part of the equation. Musicians have a handle on that too; case in point--Google "angriest songs" and you'll get about

269,000 results

. Add the word "fuck" and you'll actually get

430,000 results


So here you go: a list of songs that may or may not contain an amount of hate almost equal or greater than everything you've spewed out this week. (Oh, and we deliberately didn't pick songs such as Godsmack's "I Fucking Hate You" or any other death metal song. It all seemed just a tad bit obvious, and totally uncreative. Correct?)

1. Turbonegro, "Hobbit Motherfuckers"

Norwegian punk rock band's rant against "Ethnic hair styles/Sloppy male hippies /Retro punks/People with thick glasses/Glorifying serial killers/Hobbit motherfuckers" is just ... brilliant and perfect for singing under your breath when walking through the Lab.

2. Mindless Self Indulgence, "Stupid MF"

When it's just railing against stupidity for stupidity's sake, it seems all the more hateful. This song is perfect for days when you feel like everyone else is an idiot.

3. Henry Rollins, "Liar"

How can you have an angry song list without mentioning the "Angriest Man in Rock?" "Liar" is angry and hateful and creepy because it's calculated psychopathy--instead of just spewing hate, it's a mindfuck of a process. Get someone to trust you, then rip her heart out. Awesome.

4. Ween, "You Fucked Up" 

This song, I think, is the musical equivalent of one of Mel Gibson's sorry rants. Listen and see why.

5. Alanis Morissette, "You Oughta Know"

Another classic from the angry '90s, this ode to

Full House

actor Dave Coulier is the classic woman scorned track, and has all the bilious hate without having to resort to profanity. Well, at least not a lot. Fifteen years later, it's still a great, great song.


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