Five Lackluster Solo Efforts From Musical Duos (Inspired by Jack White's Solo Release)

Five Lackluster Solo Efforts From Musical Duos (Inspired by Jack White's Solo Release)

Jack White is releasing a solo album. It will be called Blunderbuss. You can buy the song "Love Interruption," on, but Blunderbuss won't be out 'til April 24. We're not sure how we feel about this...the White Stripes may have been Jack White's brainchild with the addition of a hot chick drummer/mythological sister, but it was awesome, and a helluva lot to live up to.

Many duos, after splitting up, have released solo efforts that don't inspire the same passion (or loyalty from their fans). White may describe Blunderbuss as "an album I couldn't have released until now...[and] had nothing to do with anyone or anything else but my own expression, my own colors on my own canvas," but we hear that's the same sentiment John Oates expressed when he released 2002's Phunk Shui.      

Alors--here are five solo efforts that were released by former members of duos that didn't quite make the cut.

Five Lackluster Solo Efforts From Musical Duos (Inspired by Jack White's Solo Release)

5. Tracy Thorn from Everything but the Girl
Out of the Woods
Released in 2007--eight years after Everything But the Girl last released an album, after transforming themselves from lounge acts to club superstars--this album was a disappointment on many fronts: not enough club tracks, songs that weren't edgy enough, and pretty much forgettable songs.

4. Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack
100th Window
While 100th Window is labeled a Massive Attack album, it's really only Robert Del Naja's work. Grant Marshall--who was half of Massive Attack after Andrew Vowles was fired in 1999--refused to participate in the making of the record.

3. Matthew Friedberger of Fiery Furnaces
Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School

I'm not saying that Fiery Furnaces--made up of Friedberger and his sister Eleanor--make music that's much concise than this solo effort. Hooks that get lost in elaborate arrangements, inaccessible songs, verbose lyricism--those are all flaws that make the Fiery Furnaces unlikeable. But when a solo artist releases the same type of music--eight whole albums worth of it--you just have to think, someone needs an editor.

Five Lackluster Solo Efforts From Musical Duos (Inspired by Jack White's Solo Release)

2. Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls
Who Killed Amanda Palmer
The Dresden Dolls were a quaint novelty act; yes they dressed up in Baroque outfits, choreographed acts with marionnettes onstage and played obscure instruments. The best part? Amanda Palmer had drummer Brian Viglione as a foil for her abrasiveness, and when they were onstage you couldn't figure out who was more hateful. Once Viglione was gone, though, Palmer's obnoxiousness just got played up. Now we can't decide what's more hateful: her hairy armpits, the public displays of affection with beau Neil Gaiman and or her performances in her underwear.

1. John Oates of Hall and Oates
Phunk Shui
When you're half of the best pop duo that ever lived, you don't go soiling your reputation with silly solo albums. That's all.

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