Angelo Moore of Fishbone
Angelo Moore of Fishbone
Lina Lecaro

Fishbone Need Your Help to Pay Their Legal Bills

No one should be surprised at the litigious nature of our society these days. No one is immune from it, even rock bands. Granted, there's infamous story back in 1996 where members of the New England Patriots stage dived at an Everclear concert and injured some fans, but that doesn't hold a candle to what happened to the gentlemen of Fishbone.

For those of you who don't recall, back in 2010, Kimberly Myers was injured during a performance at WXPN's World Cafe Live. After Angelo Moore did one of his customary stage dives, he accidentally knocked Moore to the ground where she subsequently lost consciousness and the band soldiered on. For her trouble, Myers was awarded $1.4 million in 2014 and that should have been that.

Granted, this was purely an accident since anyone familiar with Fishbone knows that Moore takes a leap of faith from time to time from the stage. However, recently news broke that Fishbone once again will be subjected to the suit as the case has been reopened.

Currently legal representation, Fishbone has taken to FundRazr to offset what will likely be a mountain of legal bills in order to hire attorneys. In the note, Moore writes (all text remains the same from the letter):

Kimberly Myers and Her 4 man Lawyer team tHE JOKELSONS have successfully sued the Philadelphia campus, the club, our managment and our booking agent and for some strange reason, have been given Yet ANOTHER opportunity to re-open the $1.4million law suit ...........AGAIN!

We had legal representation but could'nt afford to keep them. Believe it or not we are barely living month to month with the money that we make from our shows which does'nt allow us any Funds to pay for a lawyer. But with your donation and support we can hire another lawyer to face the judge and represent us one last time. This will put and end to this FALse and unfair acusation and completley dropped once and for all."

The ska punk band is raising a modest $10,000 which compared to some of the other outlandish crowdsourcing campaigns seems reasonable. As of press time, they've raised $67,00 or 67 percent of that goal with 28 days remaining. Seems like a strange case, especially since the original verdict has been handed down. If you're a fan of the band, this is your chance to help them out. And if you're a legal buff, then this case should be interesting on the grounds of what exactly a band can get sued for--twice.

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