EXCLUSIVE! Online Premiere of the Steelwells' Video, 'El Capitan'

EXCLUSIVE! Online Premiere of the Steelwells' Video, 'El Capitan'

When Fullerton's the Steelwells won Best New Artist and Best Song at the OC Music Awards earlier this year, they took home more than just a statue. Part of the prize for Best Song was an opportunity to make a music video courtesy of the OC Music Awards and Akorn Entertainment. Watch the exclusive premier of the video for "El Capitan" after the jump!

Singer Joey Winter said the Steelwells' involvement was fairly simple; the creators Akorn Entertainment did all the hard work. "I talked to the guys [at Akorn] about what the song was about, and they came up with some really cool ideas for the video.  I was impressed with what they came up with," Winter says.

"El Capitan" is about being the captain of your own ship, and how people may have problems with their crew. The video has a nautical theme. Though the band doesn't appear as people in the video, each of the band members appear in doll form (the characters are made of wire and cardboard). 

"When see the video, you giggle and laugh," Winter said. "It's a lighthearted take on a heavier topic." 

Many of the scenes allude to the Mexican Gulf oil spill last April. "The song was written during the Bush administration, but during the filming the BP oil spill was a big problem. It's a theme that never goes away," he said.

Winter said that the video fits the song well because the song itself is a dancy, fun pop song with dark undertones. "It's a sing along," he said. "It's light and fun."

The "El Capitan" video premiered last night at the Anahiem International Film Festival.


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