Erykah Badu's new video

A hot tip in our inbox, thanks to the good folks at Rock & Rap Confidential:

"The video for Erykah Badu's new single, "Honey" (off her upcoming album World War 4) pictures her wandering through a record store that seems to sell only vinyl. Each time she selects an album and holds it up to the camera, the cover comes to life with Badu singing. Each album is recognizable as a takeoff on the cover art of artists such as Diana Ross, Eric B and Rakim, The Beatles, Grace Jones, the Ohio Players, De La Soul, Funkadelic, and Earth Wind and Fire. In each case, Badu herself is now the central figure, with a different and often bizarre hairstyle each time.

"When Badu gets to the checkout counter (where there is a sign advertising the abandoned CD single), she tells the clerk to keep the change as a sign scrolls across the screen: "Support Your Local Record Store." On the other hand, the video also depicts a shoplifter who doesn't get caught. Is this Badu's comment on filesharing?

"As for the song "Honey," it's classic Erykah Badu--warm, inviting, quirky. Pop with punch."

Check it out:

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