Electrik Fridays at Alebrije are less than shocking

After hearing decent things about last weekend's Grand Opening of Electrik Fridays at Alebrije, one of the lone Latin spots in the Fullerton area, I decided to check it out for myself.  But despite my hopes that it might deflate much of what I know about 18+ clubs, I'm sorry to report that it was pretty much more of the same. 

But hey, if you're a thirty-something-year-old guy with plenty of money to buy watered-down booze from the bar to lure in the female youngins, this is your place.

Let's start with the line outside: total sausage fest. I'm pretty sure there were about 3 girls for every 10 guys waiting to get past the ropes. It's not exactly an encouraging sight as you prepare to reach into your wallet and pull out your $10 cover charge. 

However, I have to admire some solid attempts by the barely legal females in line for packing on about as much make up as humanly possible. I really think it made most of you look a lot older than you really are...honestly.

After a quick hand stamp, ID swipe and friendly frisk, the doors to the club swung open to reveal a fog filled haze of swirling neon booming with Top 40 mash ups and techno. Luckily the bar is pretty easy to find; you pretty much run into it once you walk in. And if you manage to sneak in before 11 p.m. the $3 domestic beer special is a good starter. But unfortunately for me, anyone else who enjoys a good well drink, they ain't cheap here (cost me $18 for 2 mixed drinks).

By the time I got to the dance floor, the nonstop mix of '90s club jams was a bit overwhelming. For a while it seemed like the DJ decided to put his skills on cruise control and let his '90's La Bouche compilation do all the work. Of course there were a few decent drops of hip-hop and reggaeton spliced in, but not much else.

But bad music aside, the line-up of half-naked go-go dancers was definitely getting some love from the crowd as they rotated on and off stage, distracting plenty of eyes with their stripper pole prowess. 

Like I said, it wasn't necessarily a total waste of time, but if you ever got the esteemed pleasure of hanging out at the Boogie or Glam, then you've pretty much already been to Electrik Friday. Well see if things improve next week as Alebrije hosts the return of Club Diamond on Dec.4.


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