Edifica and Zoraida groovin' with the green screen
Edifica and Zoraida groovin' with the green screen

Edifica Talks About Rap en Español's Place in OC

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Eduardo Iniestra aka Edifica occupies a unique space with ever-expanding potential in OC's evolving hip-hop scene. The Costa Mesa-based rhymer, producer and DJ made a name for himself years ago channeling Wu-Tang Clan on the beat for "Este es el Momento." The track established Edifica locally as a socially conscious force within the realm of Rap en Español. Now, the rapper is back in 2012 with De Costa a Costa, a new mixtape that proved to be a labor of love. Paying homage by rhyming over notable beats of personally influential figures in hip-hop like Dead Prez and Medusa, the Mexico City-native has been able to take the 14-track collection and perform coast to coast. In addition to rocking stages locally and all the way in New York City, Edifica has also opened up for some of Latin America's most compelling raperas and raperos when they've made their way to our humble county.

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Now, more from Edifica himself after the music video jump for "

Que Linda Vida

" off of the

De Costa a Costa


On being in the lab recording "Que Linda Vida" with Zoraida:

"The recording session for "Que Linda Vida" was one of the most relaxed, easy going, atmospheric musical environments that I have been a blessed to be a part of. The preparation as far as the actual recording had been underway for a solid time, and we were waiting for that session to vibe our and do our thing. I must say, although I have not had tons of collaborations, each and every one has been very organic in nature and this one with Zoraida Rosas was the epitome of that. Zoraida and I had been building a great musical chemistry and friendship based on our connection through the Save Our Youth Center in Costa Mesa, where I coordinate an after school arts and music program for teens in the low-income west side of town. 

"Que Linda Vida" is basically the sum of that positive, innocent and playful energy that surrounds us even at times when it's neglected. It's about digging deep and reaching out to the little kid we all have inside and remembering moments where time didn't matter and everything was perfect. I wrote the complete track while waiting on a layover flight from Washington back to Cali from one of the shows I was a part of in New York. I guess the struggles, the efforts to make this project happen, the work and the sacrifices to come up with the funds, were finally put into perspective and a bigger sense of things when I was sitting there realizing that I was actually doing what I love to do."

On Rap en Español's place in OC:

"I think there is definitely a great deal of potential because of the significant presence of Latinos in our cities. I myself represent the city of Costa Mesa, particularly the west side as that is where I was raised and attended school. Locally, I have received a great deal of moral support and encouragement from the community. Santa Ana has been very welcoming and supportive of Latino music and culture in places like El Centro Cultural de Mexico, especially with their "Full Moon" open mics. The Latino community is most definitely here. The thing is that hip-hop en Español has not been heard too often at all in Orange County. They are some artists that do the Spanglish thing and poets and MCs that use code-switching from English to Spanish, but to have an MC such as myself and a few others that I know rap completely in Spanish, it's not very common around here.

The more people embrace it, and the more we as artists get out there locally, the demand from the people will follow and therefore the more serious and legitimate promoters can get involved and bring more Spanish hip hop artists from Mexico to South America and Spain as well. Here in OC, I have been a part of shows with great acts from other countries such as Obsesión from Cuba, and most recently French-Chilean artist Ana Tijoux and those shows not only exposed the potential for Spanish hip-hop here in OC but they also revealed the listeners' acceptance towards more sincere, consciously aware, empowering and liberating music, period."

Edifica performs at the Tiki Bar, 1700 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa. www.tikibaroc.com.(949) 270-6262; Fri. 8 p.m. $10 pre-sale. 21+

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