Does 'Radio Chola' Have a Future? Stay Tuned

Does 'Radio Chola' Have a Future? Stay Tuned

After a chaotic week in which Ask a Chola was revealed to be a Santa Ana loft dweller named Chloe Michalopolous, those angered by the revelation turned focus to her Wednesday night internet show on

All kinds of questions abounded: Would the woman behind the green bandanna finally take to the microphone on Radio Chola to answer her detractors? In the aftermath, Michalopolous has promised a new Ask a Chola video podcast and pondered to her leftover followers on whether she should write a "Chola Manifesto," but has since produced neither.

On the flip side, her "haters" (as she likes to call them), wondered if Killradio, a left-wing anti-corporate internet station would can "Radio Chola" in the wake of the "brown face" controversies.

The collective's mission statement does state, after all, that "it is our goal to further the self-determination of people under-represented in media production and content." Nationally syndicated La Cucaracha cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz wondered aloud in a tweet, "I can't believe would let her have a radio show during which @askachola CHLOE Michalopolous impersonates a woman of color. WTF."

An email to the internet station from the Weekly inquiring as to the current status of the show went unanswered by last night. All that was left to do was listen in. Would Radio Chola come on and have Michalopolous defend her shtick? Would Killradio kill it?

The show is still listed on the website's grid, so as 7:30 p.m. rolled around last night, catchy Thai pop music played with no Chola on the mic. As 8 p.m. neared, a torturous old radio skit drilled the repetitive phrases "Piece of pie?" and "How about a hamburger?" into listeners' ears with still no Chola on the mic.

Then came the top of the hour and a rebroadcast of the Wednesday morning show, "Potluck Breakfast." Definitely no Chola on the mic.

According to its Myspace page, Michalopolous' internet radio program in question originally came into existence in February 2009. Aside from Twitter and her now defunct Facebook page, it was a main outlet for her to perpetuate the Ask a Chola character after she stopped making YouTube videos.

On a typical show, Michalopolous would play anything from gangsta rap to cumbias coming in between music blocks to deliver red-lining rambles in Spanish with others chiming in. With questions arising from all sides about Radio Chola, she finally responded to a tweet last night saying, "I've been on 'hiatus' from my radio show for a few months now cause I'm busyyyy. You got me on FB? I put up good rolitas alla...."

Killradio finally replied to this morning:

Apologies if you think we're not responding quickly enough, but killradio is a collective and we do not control what members do on their own shows. Chola is still listed on our schedule, but it doesn't appear that they have been dong [sic] their show for a while and we don't know how to contact her/them. We have been proud to present Radio Chola on killradio but if they (for it is more than just Chola/Chloe) don't tell us what they're doing there is little more that we can know.If we hear from Chloe or Jaguar we shall pass on your questions

Alcaraz, who Ask a Chola lectured to about Texas textbooks and Dolores Huerta before calling him a "vendido" (sell-out) in a short lived twitter war, tweeted in kind, "CHLOE Michalopolous impersonates a woman of color SHOW SUPPOSEDLY ON HIATUS- should make it forever."


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