Dave Grohl Producing a Sitcom; Why Not? Five Funniest Grohl Bits
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Dave Grohl Producing a Sitcom; Why Not? Five Funniest Grohl Bits

Dave Grohl is reportedly executive producing a sitcom about a rock band in crisis. According to NME, the Foo Fighters founder is working with comedian Dana Gould on the project for FX.

Gould will write and star in the project, which will "focus on a band on the verge of megastardom who fall out, and in a last ditch attempt to stay together, seek professional therapy. Unfortunately they end up with a misanthropic couples counsellor who is on the brink of divorce."

How funny would a Dave Grohl-produced sitcom be? We've put together the funniest Grohl bits on the Interwebz--you be the judge. 5. Foo Fighters' "Everlong"
Almost all Foo Fighters' videos are comedic gold ("Low" anyone?), but this is the one that sticks to your head mostly because 1) "Everlong" is a great song 2) this was one of earliest signs of Dave Grohl's  droll sense of humor. (See how I made that rhyme?)

4. Dave Grohl and Will Ferrell performing Stevie Nicks' "Leather and Lace" Love that Grohl plays the "straight guy" here.

3. Dave Grohl Sues the Scissor Sisters - Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters sits down with Scissor Sisters News host Lester Zizmore to explain his lawsuit against the band.

2. Dave Grohl with Andy Dick

- Aww...Dave Grohl comedy skits. When is he going to guest on




Foo Fighters' "Big Me"

- I remember laughing so hard I cried when these Mentos spoofs came out.

Foo Fighters - Big Me (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Foo Fighters
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