Damien Blaise of Blok's Guide to Making the Best Halloween Costume
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Damien Blaise of Blok's Guide to Making the Best Halloween Costume

With a stage show that already features prominent uses of costumes and trippy images, it should come as no surprise that Blok is headlining the Zombie Prom at the Wayfarer this Friday night in celebration of Halloween. Unlike the group's previous show, which was at Disneyland, Damien Blaise promises that the duo's set will be amplified and a more intense experience. He attributes this partially due to the way they'll will dress and that they'll be doing something special to celebrate October's final day.

With that in mind, Blaise offers his tips to how make the best costume possible ahead of everyone's favorite day of madness:

Put your own spin on a traditional costume: Basically, I like things to be as creative as possible. If you're going to do a classic costume -- like a mummy -- you've gotta spice it up. Be a mummy with a headdress or some things coming out of the stomach. Just make the costume more interesting. If you make something more imaginative, even if it is a classic concept you've seen a million times, will be that much cooler.

Use foreign objects to enhance what you're wearing: Don't be afraid to wear things that aren't meant for costumes or even meant for wearing period. Like, if you want to duct tape a wrench to your arm so it makes you look deformed, that works. Getting more creative with things like that will enhance the concept you're going for. If you're looking for something like to have a costume that has some form of injury, you could have a coat hanger under a long sleeve shirt and it will look like your arm is all messed up. Halloween is when normal people get to be original, so you better bring it!

A willingness to experiment goes a long way: You should try out making your own stuff. For example, research mold making and latex rubber and see what chemicals are safe to use and order them. For the amount it would cost to do something like this, you could pay for an unoriginal costume. If you go online and research the actual chemical companies that supply the Halloween stores with props, you can make your costume from scratch.

Don't be afraid to get ugly: Everybody goes for things that make them look good, but don't be afraid to go with something that makes you look a little bit ugly as a contrast. It's Halloween, when else can you do something like that?! You can't look like your normal self because that's not much fun. This is when normal people can go do stupid things and get weird. It's a freedom day and an excuse for that.

Fuse two random costumes together: If you want to be a badass zombie, then try to have some kind of weapon with you. Those could be hard to bring with you, either to a party or to the Zombie Prom. Holding a giant hammer make you look as rough and tough as any zombie you've ever seen before. If you really want to look more menacing, bring a machete or have some armor on. Even better, if you want to be a zombie, mix costumes and be something like a viking-inspired zombie.

Blok plays with Brothers Grimm, DJ Soul Wolf and more on Friday, October 31 at The Wayfarer, 843 W 19th Street, Costa Mesa. For more information, visit wayfarercm.com.

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