Cypress Hill: An Evolution of Sound via 'Black Sunday'

Cypress Hill: An Evolution of Sound via 'Black Sunday'

Cypress Hill is headlining at Rock the Bells this Saturday at San Manuel Amphitheater, and they're playing their 1993 classic Black Sunday in its entirety.

The band reminisced on how they made the album, which spawned the singles "Insane in the Brain" and "I Ain't Goin' Out Like That." 

B-Real said, "We sort of tailor-made everything. We never just take beats and put raps on them. We made sure that it was the right shit for the right beat, because we wanted to make songs and we wanted to make stuff that would stick. Make anthems." 

"Black Sunday built from the momentum of that first album catching fire late," he said. "The first album was out there for six months, seven months, eight months, and it was dead in the water. But when they flipped 'Kill a Man,' it gave us a whole new life. That record started to build up momentum and then the Juice movie came out and blew it up. That was already when they would be writing you off if you didn't click in about six months."

Watch the whole interview after the jump!

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