Common: More Worthy of the White House Invite Than Sarah Palin

As everyone knows by now, rapper Common has been the target of various right wingers, including Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller, Fox Nation, and, of course, Sarah Palin after accepting an invitation to be part of the White House's "Poetry Night" this week. 

As we talked about earlier this week, the controversy stems from "A Letter to the Law," a poem Common performed on HBO's Def Poetry television series. The offending lines include "Burn a Bush cuz for peace he no push no button," "I hold up a peace sign but I carry a gun" and a reference to the line "My uzi weighs a ton" from Public Enemy's song by the same name.

Today our colleages at our sister paper Houston Press presented us with an awesome listsicle: "Five Things Sarah Palin Should Know About Common."

The story tells us that the Maya Angelou-endorsed rapper also

runs a children's charity

for at-risk youth in underserved communities, funds something called a Lighthouse program in the summer and fall that educate kids through activities that foster healthy living, leadership skills, technological awareness, creative expression, and other valuable life skills, and launched a national online book club named

The Corner.

Read the story til the end; it will give you goosebumps. And, for a totally different LuLzy piece, check out SF Weekly's Common: Five More Reasons for Talk Radio Conservatives to Hate Him.


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