Coachella Day Two: Big Audio Dynamite Nostalgia Not Enough; Animal Collective Needs More Weird

Animal Collective promo shot because Droid camera FAIL
Animal Collective promo shot because Droid camera FAIL

Big Audio Dynamite was one of my favorite bands when I was a tween. My friends and I even illustrated their songs in classroom doodles. But I'm not in the mood for nostalgia, just some psychedelic, mind-contorting reverb after three songs by Mick Jones' other famous band.  Later on I will find out which Clash song they did and I will feel like ass for leaving.

It seems like most of Mumford and Son's massive audience was the exact same people who wanted to watch Empire of the Sun.

Animal Collective is bringing the word "weird" into the  conversation. But my face is still intact, so I don't know if its weird enough.

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