Club Pick: Wedding Crashers at The Crosby Oct. 29

Ok we know what you're thinking, and no, we're not advertising someone's lame ass wedding. On the contrary, the guys over at the Crosby might be on to something with this weekend's "Wedding Crashers" theme party. It actually advocates one of the only non-lame parts about being at a wedding: getting wasted and partying your ass off with total strangers. And be honest, nothing makes you want to revel in the sin-filled life of single-hood like watching someone else take the plunge. On Saturday, after your turkey coma has subsided, rev up for a night of champagne and cake-fueled debauchery. A skilled roster of local DJs, including The Crosby's Owner Chris Alfaro of Free The Robots are set to tear up the turn tables with a mix of house and hip-hop. There's no formal dress code required, but if you do feel like taking that bargain tuxedo or wrinkled bridesmaid dress out of your closet for another spin, now is the time.


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