Club Pick: Too Short with DJ Scene at Sutra

PhotobucketAttention Bay area beat junkies, club rats and weekend freaks! Friday is definitely your night to shine under the strobe lights of Sutra. Platinum rapper Too $hort will be unleashing a club bumping set in honor of turntable wizard DJ Scene's birthday bash. Since arriving on the hip hop scene in 1983, no other rapper has pioneered the art of the braggadocios gangster anthems quite like Too $hort. His masterful use of true life tales, racy rhymes and gangster flow has earned him a basket of platinum and gold records and the respect of hip hop fans all over the country.

Normally a $20 cover charge would cause most people eyes to bugle out of their skull. However, in this case, a back to back grind fest by Too $hort and DJ Scene is every club hoppin' playa's dream.


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