Club Pick: Mute Friday with The 87 Stick-Up kids on Dec. 5

The only thing better than getting drunk and wild at a live hip-hop show is seeing the performers on stage letting loose just as much as the audience. In the case of The 87 
Stick Up Kids, that's hardly too much to ask. Anyone who's partied with the four pack of party animal MCs probably has the sweaty, liquor-stained t-shirt to prove it.

You can experience them for yourself at this week's Mute Friday club night at Proof in downtown Santa Ana.

Kick your weekend off old-school with a group that combines backpack rap swagger and lyrical sharpness with the balls-to-the -wall delivery of The Beastie Boys. And for those just looking for a good DJ to rock the party right, Proof's lined up a few of those as well. DJs Nsquared, Ernold Sane Legit and Rockberry will keeping things moving with mix of club bangers, Golden Era break beats, high-energy house and more.


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