CH3 Headlines Doll Hut's Final Holiday Benefit Show Tomorrow

Back in October, when we told you about the World Famous Doll Hut closing it's doors for good after the new year, we left you with a final thought:

Get your ass out there as often as you can. Count every piece of chewed up gum you step on, every bit of stage feedback and decaying band sticker on the wall as a priceless memory. You'll miss it all when it's finally gone.

Ladies and germs, now is the time to act on those words. This weekend, the Hut invites you partake in one of the it's longstanding holiday traditions for the very last time. The annual benefit show for the Orangewood Children and Family Center is one of those OC punk rock institutions started by legendary Hut owner Linda Jemison that always had a way of making the club's sardine-packed, beer-swilling bacchanals feel a little more saintly than normal. This Friday at 8p.m., local favorites CH3, the Crowd, the Stitches and Skaal band together to bring you one more show that promises to be every bit as rowdy as it was when the headliners first started making these shows a yearly habit.

For a band that's experienced a long, underrated run as one OC's foundational punk acts, the annual benefit show takes on a special significance for CH3, who were inspired to get out of a bit of a slump in the mid 90s when they first signed up to play the revered gig.

Frontman/ guitarist Mike Magrann tells the story:

"We'd hadn't played locally since 1990 or so. It'd been a good five or six years since we'd played in public. We'd still get together and drink beers in the garage and play the songs but there was just never anything that struck our fancy to get us out playing again. Then someone told us about the Christmas benefits Linda used to do for the Orangewood Home. We thought it would be fun and not a lot of pressure. I remember we started rehearsing months before to relearn all the old songs and we pulled up and the place was packed. It was amazing that when we started playing that people were right there singing all the words to the songs and all that and I think that really ignited our thoughts about actually start playing as a real band again. So what happened was for the next three years, the only time we did play was for the Doll Hut Christmas benefit shows. We always credited that as something that kept us together and something we looked forward to every year."

More details on the show can be found here.

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