Cazwell hits the Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana
Cazwell hits the Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana
Jackie Connor

Cazwell - Velvet Lounge - 5/18/12

New York-based rapper Cazwell performed at the Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana for about 300 fans Friday night, unzipping a bundle of up-tempo, electro club beats and sex-laden lyrics dripping with demands for us to to suck it, lick it, jerk it get the idea. The club rapper's unabashed sassiness provided patrons with an energetic and entertaining evening at O.C.'s fastest rising gay club. Cazwell didn't hesitate to tease and taunt the audience with enough costume changes and X-rated rhymes to make Lady Gaga green with envy.
The rapper describes his style on his web site as "'If Biggie Smalls ate Donna Summer for breakfast'" (might wanna think about revising that slogan now). His explicit lines were coupled with a, uh, cocky stage presence that  had every eye transfixed on his chiseled bod. Some jaws dropped, others simply smiled and watched while he bounced from one end of the small stage to the next.

His most recent club hit, 2011's "Unzip Me," brought in thumping bass lines and several costume changes, including a sparkling boxer hoodie, monkey ears and plaid flannel shirts. Although most transitions between his on-stage costume changes were seamless, there were some lengthy pauses while taking off one pair of shorts, to which the audience thoroughly soaked in the view of a nice white boy booty. Cazwell upped the energy by speeding up the beat of his 2006 tongue-in-cheek track "All Over Your Face" and proceeded to shower us with  graphic lyrics. And every time the song callled for some call-and-response participation, the drunken roar from the crowd  made the house hungry to drink in his salacious performance until the very last drop.

Critic's bias: I'm not the biggest fan of strobe lights and glossy club music, but this video made me a believer.

The crowd: Gay guys mostly--surprise! The club was packed as closely to the stage as security would allow, but everyone seemed considerate of each other's space.

Overheard in the crowd: "Are you going to pride? You're so gorgeous. No you're so fucking" gorgeous!"

Random Notebook Dump:
I was brushing my hair in the ladies room next to a guy who was complaining about lady cramps.

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