Canadian Rockers Danko Jones Don't Believe in Taking Time Off

Canadian Rockers Danko Jones Don't Believe in Taking Time Off

International hard rock/heavy metal will take prominence on Saturday night at the House of Blues in Anaheim, as Danish metal band Volbeat perform to a sold out crowd, while Canadian hard rock/heavy metal trio Danko Jones opens the show.

Formed in 1996 near Toronto, Canada, the band dishes out equal parts metal, hard rock and even punk. Clear influences of Motorhead, ACDC, Guns N Roses and even The Clash can be heard, on just one of Danko Jones' seven studio albums over the years.

Danko Jones is a rock trio composed of guitarist/singer Danko Jones, bass player John 'JC' Calabrese, and drummer Atom Wilard. The band might not be a household name in the United States quite yet, but has a well established fan base in Europe and other parts of the world. But Jones told the OC Weekly that there is a simple explanation behind this.

"We've toured more in Europe in the last 12 years than America," Jones said, just before the band's first night on tour with Volbeat at the House of Blues in Hollywood. "We haven't been able to tour and play in front of a substantial enough audience until now with Volbeat. We're finally getting the proper exposure in front of an audience that likes hard music."

The band is currently on tour to promote it's latest album, Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue, and plan to tour around the world yet again to share with devout fans. Aside from a rigorous touring schedule, the also band has much more up its sleeves. "We have a book on our band put out by ECW Press called Too Much Trouble- A Very Oral History of Danko Jones," Jones said." We also have a DVD on our band with a 90 minute documentary called Bring On the Mountain."

Jones said he prefers a life on the road, with the band, and always having something to do. "We have our schedule determined 'til October right now," he said. "We aren't one of those bands that take time off. This is what we do." The band will be on the road across North America with Volbeat until mid April, then will once again head overseas.

As If this weren't enough, Jones also dabbles in Internet radio. "I do a podcast called The Official Danko Jones Podcast. It's available on iTunes and Soundcloud," he said. "We just uploaded the newest episode with Damian Abraham from the band Fucked Up and WWE wrestler/Fozzy singer, Chris Jericho."

Be sure to catch Danko Jones opening for Volbeat. Sat. March 16, at the House of Blues Anaheim. For more info please call (714) 778-2583. Visit, or for future tour dates.

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