Burger Records and Volcom Join Forces For a Garden Party at Agenda Festival

Burger Records and Volcom Join Forces For a Garden Party at Agenda Festival

If you were lucky — or smart — enough to head up north to Oakland for the Burger Boogaloo, then you saw one of the more hard-hitting bills of the summer. Iggy Pop, X, Buzzcocks highlighted the bill, and John Waters once again served as the emcee. With an undertaking this massive, you’d think that the Burger Records dudes would take a deep breath and relax before planning their next event.

Think again.

A mere two weeks after their current tentpole event, the Burger fellas are back it. This weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center, the venerable local label/store/event promoter teamed up with Volcom to put on a show at Agenda Festival. The clothing trade show is where brands and retailers meet with exhibiters showing off their best new items.

While in the thick of putting of the final touches on the Boogaloo, the Burger braintrust were juggling this new event and the assorted other projects that they’re continuously working and plotting.

Starting at 2 p.m. this Saturday, folks can head on down to the event billed at The Garden. There, a bunch of familiar faces, like The Garden, NOBUNNY, No Parents, Fat Tony and Cowgirl Clue will grace the stage for the one-off show.

“Our friend Dan Bush (who we were in Thee Makeout Party! with) works for a company that does Agenda and asked if we wanted a free booth,” Burger impresario Sean Bohrman says. “We told Volcom we were gonna have a booth there and since we're doing a clothing line with them in October we decided to team up and do a big show there! It came together in less than a month.”

What’s better than a free show? Maybe free food, free clothes and free booze. That’s besides the point, however. Getting down to some jams from bands that are on the rise in this setting may be the last time you’ll see them for free.

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