Brand New to Reissue 'Your Favorite Weapon'

Brand New to Reissue 'Your Favorite Weapon'

​Long Island rock band Brand New are reissuing their debut, Your Favorite Weapon, in November. The set was originally released on Nov. 21, 2001, but the 10-year-anniversary edition will have new artwork, liner notes and a download card with previously unreleased demos.

For some reason, this news makes us feel older than ever; the band have been touring on and off, and are now working on their follow up to Daisy (2009), but there hasn't been news of a SoCal show. There will, however, be a vinyl version of the 2001 release out for the first time!

The tracklisting for 'Your Favorite Weapon' is as follows:

'The Shower Scene'
'Jude Law And A Semester Abroad'
'Sudden Death in Carolina'
'Mix Tape'
'Failure By Design'
'Last Chance To Lose Your Keys'
'Logan To Government Center'
'The No Seatbelt Song'
'Seventy Times 7'
'Soco Amaretto Lime'

[via NME]

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