Best Musician Deaths in MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch

Best Musician Deaths in MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch

Celebrity Deathmatch was a very fulfilling television show. There were the cheesy yet humorous puns from commentators Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond, the marathons during the Super Bowl and the satisfaction of seeing celebrities you love to hate get maimed in hilarious ways. In honor of MTV's birthday today, we give you some memorable musician deaths in this classic claymation show. Let's get it on!

Axl Rose vs. Slash

The fight between Axl Rose and Slash was a long time coming. The feud-filled band mates duked out their differences in the ring. Slash made use of his hat by pulling out implements of destruction from it such as a dentist drill. Slash had no patience for the singer and used Axl's own words against him when he said, "Do you know where you are? You're in the jungle baby and you're gunna die!" Axl retaliated by giving Slash a well needed haircut, but the best use of scissors goes to Slash. He cut Axl into linked paper dolls for the kill.

Garth Brooks vs. Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson continued his reign in the ring when he took out Garth Brooks. He accepted Brook's challenge to continue his efforts to wipe out music that sucks. The fight was interrupted by Hanson who had come to claim revenge on Manson for killing them in the first episode. In the end Manson prevailed when he beat Brooks' brain out with his guitar and Zac Hanson killed the pop group due to incompetence with a chainsaw.

Charles Manson vs. Marilyn Manson

This is the match that started it all. It appeared as a short on MTV's Cartoon Sushi and in 1998 it became a regular MTV series. Charlie is more famous for the murders that he masterminded than his attempt at being a musician. However, he fits in this list if not for his failed-music career but for his awesome death by reigning Deathmatch champion Marilyn Manson. Marilyn took the later half of his name from Charlie and then proceeded to take his life in the ring. Marilyn's fatal use of the "Tunisian Skeleton Pull of Death" proved the shock-rocker to be an even more inventive murderer than Charlie himself.

Eminem vs. Kid Rock

Two boys from Detroit battled for the title of king of white boy rap. As Nick Diamond eloquently put it, this match was to "separate the white boy rap from the white boy crap." The segment was themed after another MTV show, Total Request Live, or TRL. The Deathmatch version was hosted by Carson Daly and called Total Request Dead. By the end Kid Rock, Eminem and Carson Daly ended up totally dead at the (small) hands of Joe C., a musician who frequently worked with Kid Rock, who wanted to take center stage for once.

The Spice Girls vs. Hanson

This fight was a Super Bowl half time special. It was a match that many over the age of 12 in the '90s highly anticipated. The Spice Girls and Hanson fought for the title of "The Most Annoying Band in the World" and the pop group who survived would claim the well-deserved title. The match itself was pretty non-descript save for when two Hanson boys ripped Baby Spice in half and as her torso flew into the audience she commented, "Oww, that really hurt." Marilyn Manson appeared out of the blue and saved this otherwise boring match when he killed both the Spice Girls and Hanson via death from above as he cut off the light rigging squishing all of the teen idols in one fell swoop.

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince vs. Prince Charles

Rock royalty faced off against British royalty in this deathmatch between The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and Prince Charles. Both contestants recived a "royal beatdown," but it was Prince Charles who took home the crown, mostly with the help of his mother who served as his trainer. Charles twisted the artist into the Prince symbol and then knighted him with a polo mallet for the kill. In the heat of victory, he then turned on his mother. 

Good fight and good night!


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